I guess I’ll start doing this “M.I.A UPDATE” because I am really good at doing this thing where I start something and come back to it like some months or weeks later. Why haven’t I been writing on my blog? Lots of excuses I can make, but to sum it all up; LAZINESS… I won’t lie, I have been working overtime at work and when I do have some free time, I’m either sleeping, eating then sleeping, or spending time with my boo… being lazy. UGH! I really have to get my shit together.

Since my last blog I honestly don’t know what the heck I’ve been up to. Recently, I can share that Zoe’s birthday was on August 6th. My loverboy has turned 23.. I still want to make a late birthday post soon… SOON, like today, maybe 😉 … & I also flew to Vegas for a weekend with my coworkers and a couple friends. Lets say, Vegas; 3, Andrea; 0000. But hey, I came back with a tattoo on my ass. BE SHOCKED, I still am!

I had a plan of making a Vegas vlog, FAIL.. First night there I was really sick after leaving the club SUPER early. We bought tickets to see Calvin Harris at Omnia night club. It was so packed since they left the area open for people who are just there to club (there was no point in buying the tickets AT ALL), that I got pissed off getting shoved or not being able to move because a swarm of people was trying to get through one way while the other was going the opposite. My friend Vianca and I just couldn’t take that shit anymore, more because of the stupid ass security guard who pushed Vianca and yelled at her for assuming she was the one who pushed her out of the way. FUCK YOU CALVIN HARRIS, I still love you though… Once we got to the hotel all of a sudden I felt sick to the stomach, I ran from one garbage can to the other throwing up. This takes me back to last time I was there, same month and a couple weeks after, I found out I was pregnant. This time I just got food poisoning. Vianca, Carolyn, and I ended up at Mcdonalds around 2am wishing we were home on our own bed, and again this was the first night! Vegas became more of a chill vacay than a lit ass, no sleep type of vibe. Then all of a sudden I wanted a tattoo on my ass. It was a fun experience having a tattoo booth right in front of the window and lots of people passing by giving them a show. Like they were really standing there super close to the window watching hahahaha. Too funny.

The week before Vegas we spent Zoe’s birthday out in Capitol Hill and I had lots to drink. I left the house thinking I won’t drink a lot because it was Zoe’s night, but we both ended up drunk AF. Although, most of our friends were in Vegas, we still had a few who were down to hang with us LAST MINUTE. Thank you all for coming out!

Here are some snaps of Vegas! Honestly its not much and its mostly mah girl Vi, but hey most memories are never captured on tape 😉

P.S This blog is pretty choppy with events. Thanks for reading ❤



A couple weeks ago I was honored to have hosted my favorite couple, Devyn and Victoria ❤ A little background on these two; Devyn is Zoe’s best friend since middle school, two pals rocking the skater look and creating music.. *cough* PASS THE KNOWLEDGE 😉 & lovely Victoria who I met in middle school as well, thanks to her sister Celina!

Having these two around created a special bond in our friendship. One thing that captured me the most, looking at where we are now…… WE ARE FUCKING ADULTS! We are growing up. Sometimes life scares you when you look into the future, but looking at right now and who you are sharing that with makes everything a little less scary.

Their stay here I got to be a part of hosting Victoria and Devyns baby shower. This one was a little more intimate and I can say that it was such a beautiful shower. So many pictures were taken, lots of laughter, and delicious food and desserts! I enjoyed every moment of it and getting to see the lovely two happy and be surrounded by so much love from family and friends. The shower most definitely showed them how much love and support these new parents will have! Most of all this new life we will watch grow ❤ Know that Aunty Andrea and Uncle Zoe will always be there for sure!

Devyn and Victoria,

The way you both look at each other is something special, that’s for sure. If I can see it, everyone can! I know for a fact that you two will be the greatest parents you can be! Sometimes you guys will feel like you want to just pull each others hairs out or maybe even your own, and at that moment my only advice is take a deep breath and reassure each other that both of you aren’t alone. You both are in this together! I know you guys will come out stronger at times you feel the weakest. I’m so excited for what’s to come and mostly hearing a little one call you “mommy and daddy”! Love you both so much!

& fucking CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs. Pedrano!!!!!


Can’t wait to see baby 😀


(Photographed by Zoe Johnson)


Arlo Jaye Johnson

I want to dedicate my first blog post to my son Arlo Jaye Johnson. My baby boy was born on April 10 2017 9:50 pm…

Everything happened so suddenly.

Now and then, I replay that day over and over again in my head.

His due date was May 2nd 2017. The night of Sunday April 9 I had a mild body ache that I thought I could sleep off. Waking up to the next day it was still there so I called off work and tried to get more rest. Hours passed by and my ache became Braxton Hicks, which are early contractions that help you practice for the real ones closer to labor. I didn’t feel any better and checking online there were a couple ways I could help the contraction fade away, so I tried everything I could. Soon the contractions were less than 5 minutes apart and that’s when I decided to call the birth center. They told me to come down and that’s when I thought everything was going to change, my baby boy is finally going to see his mommy and daddy!

The nurse was asking me a couple questions and checked my vitals. Once she checked for Arlo’s heart beat, the heart rate was higher than normal. She left and came back with a doctor. That’s when he told me my baby was in distress and that I’m going to have a c section that night. I signed some consent papers, got dressed, they put an IV on me and I was all set. I remember the doctor trying to comfort Zoe and I saying “Aww you’re going to hear him yell tonight, thats fun!”.. We were so excited and nervous at the same time.

April 10 2017, my baby boy was born. I didn’t hear him cry, not a sound. Just the doctor telling me they are going to take him to the NICU. Arlo wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain 😦

April 11 2017, I got to see him! The first thing that came to my mind when I got in the NICU was “wow this huge baby was inside me” he was so big 6.10 pounds and 18 inches at 37 weeks! I wanted to hold him so badly. I wanted that skin to skin touch like every mom gets with their newborn and give him lots of love and feel his warmth. As much I wanted to cry because I had to see him with lots of tubes on him, I had to show him mommy was strong and we can both get through this together. I held his tiny little hands and prayed he would open his eyes.

That same day the doctor came to our room and told us news that were opposite from what I wanted to hear. My body caught a bacterial infection called “listeria”, this bacteria comes from uncooked poultry, soil, and vegetables etc. Unfortunately, this bacteria invaded my whole placenta which transferred to Arlos body. They put him on antibiotics, steroids, and a hat that will monitor his brain from getting seizures. Arlo needed extra support.

Doctor came in our room once again. Hoping and hoping so much for good news… Again with bad news; Arlo is low on t-cells that the medication needs to attach to, it wasn’t balancing out. More medication needed.

I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do. We watched him more. We prayed more.

April 12 2017, around 2 a.m I woke up and went to see him. I held his hand and I wondered what he was thinking about. I imagined him in my arms. I imagined packing up and getting to bring him home with us. I imagined him in the home we bought just for him.

Hours passed and the doctor checked the monitor.

As much as I wanted to feel that something positive was going to come out of the doctors mouth, her facial expression made me think otherwise. The infection was taking over his body.

April 12, 2017 at 4:09 a.m was his last heart beat. He was finally in my arms. I whispered “I love you” over and over again. Kissed his soft chubby cheeks, I don’t know how many times. I watched Zoe do the same while tears rolled down our faces. How was I even breathing.

They escorted my family and I in a big room where they laid Arlo on a bed that kept his body stay cool. We watched him lay peacefully and continued to give him so much love till they took him away.

To my sweet little angel baby Arlo,

Mommy and daddy loves you so much. You did the best you can and that’s all we care about. We are so proud of how strong you fought these past 2 days. You even squeezed papas finger, you could have broken it! Mommy and daddy are lucky to have you, to call you our son. You taught us so much these 37 weeks, you changed us, formed your daddy and I to be ready for the unexpected. You made us parents. Mommy and daddy will love stronger for you, laugh more, and not take life for granted. Please watch over us and your fur siblings. Know that we miss you every single day.

I love you son.

Love mama ❤

My sweet Angel

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