A couple weeks ago I was honored to have hosted my favorite couple, Devyn and Victoria ❤ A little background on these two; Devyn is Zoe’s best friend since middle school, two pals rocking the skater look and creating music.. *cough* PASS THE KNOWLEDGE 😉 & lovely Victoria who I met in middle school as well, thanks to her sister Celina!

Having these two around created a special bond in our friendship. One thing that captured me the most, looking at where we are now…… WE ARE FUCKING ADULTS! We are growing up. Sometimes life scares you when you look into the future, but looking at right now and who you are sharing that with makes everything a little less scary.

Their stay here I got to be a part of hosting Victoria and Devyns baby shower. This one was a little more intimate and I can say that it was such a beautiful shower. So many pictures were taken, lots of laughter, and delicious food and desserts! I enjoyed every moment of it and getting to see the lovely two happy and be surrounded by so much love from family and friends. The shower most definitely showed them how much love and support these new parents will have! Most of all this new life we will watch grow ❤ Know that Aunty Andrea and Uncle Zoe will always be there for sure!

Devyn and Victoria,

The way you both look at each other is something special, that’s for sure. If I can see it, everyone can! I know for a fact that you two will be the greatest parents you can be! Sometimes you guys will feel like you want to just pull each others hairs out or maybe even your own, and at that moment my only advice is take a deep breath and reassure each other that both of you aren’t alone. You both are in this together! I know you guys will come out stronger at times you feel the weakest. I’m so excited for what’s to come and mostly hearing a little one call you “mommy and daddy”! Love you both so much!

& fucking CONGRATULATIONS Mr and Mrs. Pedrano!!!!!


Can’t wait to see baby 😀


(Photographed by Zoe Johnson)



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