Hey you! Welcome to my blog where you can enjoy your cup of mimosa or coffee with me. My blog is personally for me, my family, and friends who want to be up to date with my life, thoughts, and random shinanigans that I want to share publicly. If you aren’t any of those 3 you are now! My life has been a rollercoaster and this time I want to be able to look back at something that I can cry, laugh, and possibly be embarrassed, but mostly thankful about how I live through whatever life gives me. How I came up with my blog title? For those of you who don’t know ‘boujee‘ pretty much means ‘fake’ classy. Who doesn’t want to feel like a Queen! And for ‘babe‘ my bad ass boyfriend who I’ve been fucking obsessed with basically all my life, who supports me and loves me unconditionally and some crazy girlfriends that keep me woke. I hope you enjoy these blogs more than I enjoy posting them! I would love to hear your experiences as well through it all by using the comment box, don’t be shy 😉

Lets share life together shall we! 

BTW my name is Andrea.




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